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Frequently Asked Questions



Why should I compost?

Besides avoiding stinky food in your kitchen trash that attracts bugs, composting is one small habit that can have a huge impact on a community and our environment.

By choosing to compost, in whichever way you do it, you are helping to make our community and society more sustainable. By choosing to compost with Beaten Path, you are directly creating local jobs that pay above a living wage, while simultaneously creating a source of local soil amendment and local food! Our goal is to close the loop and build soil so we store more carbon, create biodiversity, and help heal our very hurt world.


How does composting work?

The majority of landfill waste is food waste, which turns into methane gas and is released into the environment. This greenhouse gas is 84 times more potent than CO2, which makes it a major contribution to climate change. Additionally, when food waste is trapped in landfills it locks up valuable nutrients that could be otherwise used to help create new soil and grow food - continuing the natural life cycle of plants. By taking food waste out of the loop, we must rely on mining and creating more petroleum based fertilizers to keep farms going- which isn’t sustainable.


What can I compost?


Fruits and vegetable, pasta, rice, grains, breads, beans, nuts, all dairy including milk, eggs and eggshells, coffee, coffee filters, tea, teabags (without staples), processed foods, oils, fats, and paper products without chemicals on them.



Meat, bones, fish, diapers, pet waste, metal, glass, plastic, chemicals, vacuum or dryer lint, rocks, lumber, logs, pills, medications, cleaning wipes, or cleaning chemicals.


Cheat Sheet coming soon!


How does our service work?


1. Sign Up

2. Receive approval & pay

3. We pick up your scraps every week


Pick Up


Do you offer curbside pickup in my location?

If you're in Gainesville, Florida - probably!


Click here and request service to see if our program serves your location.


Do you offer contactless pickup?

Yes! Just leave your bucket curbside and we will swap it with a clean one on your designated swap day.


No contact required.


How much does curbside pickup cost?

We offer both residents and businesses food scrap pickup at your location, starting at $15 for residents and $45 for businesses.


Can you still pick up my scraps if I am a renter?

Probably! We serve homeowners and renters alike - the only limiting factor is if you live in a multi-story apartment complex.


To see if you're qualified for our services, contact us here.


When do you pick up the bucket?

Your bucket will be swapped out weekly on a designated day for your region. Right now it will be either Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays. When you sign up, you’ll be told the exact day of the week.


Compost Bucket


Where should I place my bucket?

For residents, please place your bucket curbside.

For businesses, please place your container near your trash bins.


How big of buckets do you offer?

For residential, the buckets are each 4 gallons. If that’s not large enough you can add on additional buckets for only $5 each per month.

For commercial, we offer 32, 64, and 96 gallon bins.


Do I need a bag inside the bucket?

Straight in only please! We swap your bucket with a clean one weekly, so there is no fear of one getting stagnant and stinky.


How do I upgrade the size of my bucket or change my subscription plan?

Email Stephan at to change your subscription plan.

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