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Interested In Transforming Your Food Waste Into Compost?

Get Started Today!

We divert local food waste from landfills and transform it into compost creating a sustainable food cycle for our community.

Sign up, after we confirm you are in our service region, select your plan; and we will pick up your food scraps weekly!

How Do We Work?


Why Compost?

Reduce greenhouse gases

Support a sustainable food cycle 

Create local jobs

Prevent smelly trash & pests

Interested in transforming your food waste into compost?

Get Started Today!


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Stephan picks up Uppercrust’s compost bin once a week, and we are so excited he might be able to get some help now with his meaningful, but tough, physical work. He deserves it.


Zero Waste & The Repurpose Project

Composting food scraps is part of a closed loop system that will help our community get to Zero Waste while keeping valuable resources local. You can feel good about keeping your food scraps out of the landfill, supporting a local small business and keeping resources local by signing up with Beaten Path Garden.

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It has been a tremendous pleasure to be working with Beaten Path Garden! I'm so happy to have found an organization that puts my food scraps to good use as compost rather than end up at the landfill. I will continue to donate my food waste to them and look forward to working with them in the future!

Get in Touch

Beaten Path Compost operates within the site of GrowHub, located at 2900 NE 8th Ave, Gainesville, FL 32609.  

To visit, schedule an appointment with Stephan at

Thanks for submitting!

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