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Join the life cycle.

We work to divert local food waste in a more sustainable way, turning death back into life, and creating more opportunity for local communities.

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It seems to many of us, that our way of life is straying further and further from what feels right and true.  Well here is your chance to step back on the beaten path, and participate in a natural tradition that is as old as life itself, composting.  Beaten Path Compost is a food-waste collection and composting business that operates first and foremost, with ecological concepts in mind.  It is these concepts that drive our economics, which is why our service fees are so low, and our composting methods are not only low impact, but nourishing to the land and life around them.  If you would like to divert your waste in a more sustainable way, if you would like to give back to your community in a more ethical way, if you would like to simply help create more jobs and resources in an economically savvy way, then please look into the services we offer.


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How to get started!

Residential Curbside Service

We offer you a curbside service where we come swap out your bucket of food-waste, with a clean bucket, every week.  Learn more here.

Commercial Curbside Service

We offer Commercial operations such as Satchel's Pizza, Karma Cream, Sweetwater Coffee, Uppercrust and more convenient food waste services.  Want to join the team?


We take waste, and create life.  From this comes abundance.  Click here to see what products we have in stock.

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Just a glimpse into the life created by Gainesville's food-waste


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